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Does your business need an app?

There's no question that apps are becoming a vital part of many long term online marketing strategies and official figures show that 8 billion apps were downloaded last year. Apps provide users with quick and easy access to content and functionality which they would otherwise need to browse for online. The popularity of apps shines through as many users are willing to pay for an app which simply replicates content which is freely available via the internet browser on their phone.





What can an app do?

Apps can be designed to bring your customers any of your latest products, news or features that you'd like them to access. Apps have the benefit of instant access and can usually be accessed offline (although not updated).


10 tips for a successful app

- Start with a business need
- Look at how mobile enhances communications already in place 
- Don't just replicate what you have online
- Consider how to deliver on the expectation of instant interaction
- Decide what is most useful to the customer and base the app on that
- Utility apps last longer than those based on entertainment 
- Just because it seems everyone has a smartphone, don't assume your target audience does


What can we do for your business?

As a specialist app and mobile developer I can look at your business and offer suggestions as to how a mobile site or app could be used to your advantage. Feel free to contact me for more details...


Original article from BBC News 


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