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Protecting Your Email Address From Spam

There's nothing worse than opening your inbox in the morning to find it's full of spam. The amount of time we waste deleting, opening in error, blocking and sifting through junk emails is growing and one of the best ways you can protect your email account being picked up by spammers is to prevent it being discovered on your website. 

Historically there have been many methods to acheive this, most having mixed or short lived success. Pretty much all of the options (using images, encoding, redirects, or reverse CSS styling) all have their flaws. This is why I decided to find an option which will not only protect your email address but still display it correctly on all devices (Large screen PC, Laptop, tablet and mobile).

The best method that I discovered involved some code which separates the elements of the email address and then uses some straight forward functions to put it back together. All you need to do is replace the bits in red for your own email address and then copy/paste into your website html. You'll also need to wrap it in "<script>" and "</script>" tags at the top and bottom. With this in place, you'll keep the spammers at bay and can open your inbox in the future with much less stress!

var part1 = "info";

var part2 = Math.pow(2,6);

var part3 = String.fromCharCode(part2);

var part4 = "";

var part5 = part1 + part3 + part4;

document.write("<a href=" + "mai" + "lto" + ":" + part5 + ">" + part5 + "</a>");



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